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The origin of the adjustable stainless steel braai originated 25 plus years ago. A friend of mine wanted a braai, so I said I’d make one for him. It works the same way as the current design, using a scissor action to adjust the levels depending on how you would like your food cooked. It’s been 25 plus years and my friend still uses it to this day. The one thing he would add is wheels which we have put on the new design.

Unbelievable braai, fantastic to use. Never burn your meat when the fat flames. Easy to clean and made in stainless steel, it will last a lifetime and then some.

Nic Davies

Towards the later part of 2021, I was looking for an adjustable braai but couldn’t find anything to my liking on the market. The idea to produce this braai as a product and sell it online became a reality. Below you can see the old design versus our new and improved more stylish design, same benefits but with an improved design.

The Team

Koobi is made up of a father and son duo. Nic focuses on the design, packaging, and logistics of the koobi braai whilst his son Cameron has designed the website, manages the social media pages, engages with customers, and does the marketing for Koobi.

The future of Koobi

Koobi has received a very positive response from the public and is quickly expanding to offer more products. In 2022 Koobi will be offering its products to customers in the UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

We thank you for your support and look forward to the future!

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