How The Koobi Braai is Made & Works

Our Stainless Steel Adjustable Braais are the best value for money and they are made with high-quality materials which will make them last forever.

The design is sleek and well thought out to ensure that your braaing experience is an absolute pleasure from the actual process of cooking your meat to the cleaning of your unit. The Koobi is made from a combination of high-grade 304 stainless steel, 3CR12 stainless steel, and mild steel powder coated legs to ensure that this high-quality robustly designed braai will give you years of happy braaing with zero maintenance. The grid features 2.5mm woven stainless steel wire which is not only a pleasure to clean but your meat will not stick to its surface.

The scissor action allows for the grid to be quickly and easily raised and lowered ensuring that burning fat does not damage your precious meat. Once the cooking is done and the coals have cooled you simply remove the grid and give it a wire brushing and remove the fire tray and dispose of the cooled coals in the bin – simple and easy.

The braai is mounted onto powder-coated mild steel legs and has quality swivel wheels which make it easy to move around on your patio. Two of the wheels have brakes to ensure that the braai does not move once positioned. There is also a handy shelf for dishes and drinks.

The Full Stainless Steel Braai

The full stainless steel braai is perfect for anyone who lives on the coast. The sea air won’t be able to rust the braai because it is entirely made out of stainless steel.

The Stainless Steel Braai with Powder Coated Legs

Our stainless steel braai with mild steel legs which are powder coated black are perfect for anyone with a budget or who lives more inland. At least a kilometer from the sea.

The Stainless Steel Built-in Braai

Replace your jet master with our stainless steel built-in braai. Why? It uses the same scissor action as the other braais allowing you to adjust the level that you braai your meat at. No more difficulty cleaning your jet master, replace it with our built-in braai. You can remove the grid and fire tray easily which makes cleaning a breeze.

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