The perfect meal for summer and it’s quick and easy to make. The dish consists of marinated chicken, vegetable salsa, tzatziki, and flatbread. I will include alternatives to use if you want to make the prep work even quicker. This recipe makes 4 servings and 6 flatbreads. Continue reading…


Our Stainless Steel Adjustable Braais are the best value for money and they are made with high-quality materials which will make them last forever. he design is sleek and well thought out to ensure that your braaing experience is an absolute pleasure from the actual process of cooking your meat to the cleaning of your unit. Continue reading…


The origin of the adjustable stainless steel braai originated 25 plus years ago. A friend of mine wanted a braai, so I said I’d make one for him. It works the same way as the current design, using a scissor action to adjust the levels depending on how you would like your food cooked. It’s been 25 plus years and my friend still uses it to this day. Continue reading…

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